Spring Semester Enrollment Open Now

Enrollment for the Spring Semester of the NW Saturday Academy is now open.  For the next three months, DC students in grades 3 to 7 will enhance their computational thinking by learning Scratch programming and participating in our Math Circle.

Math Circle

Here, students engage in a question-driven curriculum that emphasizes creative problem solving and stimulates logical thinking, analytical abilities and mathematical reasoning. Here is a sample question:

Three consecutive numbers add up to 165. What are these numbers?

Students work together to solve problems like this. They also learn how to explain their solutions in a clear and logical way. Stating assumptions and conclusions, and presenting all the steps are skills that are practiced.

national math festivalThere will be an optional field trip to the National Math Festival at the Washington Convention Center on April 22.

The Festival comprises more than 80 unique events — for very young children through adults — including performances, demos, games, puzzles, mathletic events — and dozens of lectures on the playful side of math, and many different applications of math, from eyesight to drag racing to DNA modeling to the jazz of physics, to epidemiology and much more!

Coding Class


boolean girlIn our coding class, students build their own computer using the exclusive BooleanBox Discovery Kit created by our friends at BooleanGirl. Featuring the unstoppable Raspberry Pi computers, classes are designed to introduce and connect technology skills directly to the interests and experiences relevant to students. Students get to know computing concepts in a low anxiety and informal model. Collaboration and fun is at the heart of every camp and class.

The classes begin Saturday and will take place at Northminster Presbyterian Church on Alaska Avenue NW.

Tuition is $275 for nine weeks of classes and the field trip.  If  you want to learn more or enroll your child, please our EventBrite page.

Thank you,

Christopher Alexander

Founder, NW Saturday Academy


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